Resveratrol has been proven to fight cancer in vitro at all three stages; (1) initiation, (2) promotion,(&) progression.

Resveratrol is a powerful antioxidant that can help prevent cell damage caused by free radicals. Damaged cells are more likely to become cancerous than healthy cells.  

Resveratrol has been proven to induce cancer cells to die in a preferable (i.e. normal) manner (like healthy cells die in their natural life cycle). Whereas radiation and chemotherapy cause cancer cells to break open and release their contents into the body, creating inflammation in neighboring cells, resveratrol induces white blood cells to consume the cellular debris of the cancer cell after its death (this process is called apoptosis).

 Skin Cancer - Several studies have shown that Resveratrol applied to the skin of hairless mice before exposure to solar (UVB) radiation helped to prevent skin tumors. Interestingly, Resveratrol applied to the skin of hairless mice after exposure to solar (UVB) radiation produced the same results. Might resveratrol one day be used to prevent/treat skin cancer?

Resveratrol is a naturally occurring substance found in red grapes and peanuts and over the past five decades has been studied intensely. Resveratrol has been scientifically proven to have a very beneficial effect on the body in many ways. This substance may have properties that help fight cancer, heart disease, cholesterol, and blood-sugar disorders. Many doctors have published work that shows drinking a glass or two of red wine occasionally will give you these beneficial results but there are also resveratrol supplements on the market that give you an extra boost. More importantly, some research has shown that many of these benefits can only be derived when maximal doses of resveratrol are taken, doses in amounts that only a concentrated pill can deliver.

Resveratrol works in a few different ways on the body. Primarily, it’s a well known antioxidant that fights off cellular damage due to chemicals, pollution, and even sun damage. In addition to this, resveratrol has very strong anti-inflammatory properties and may even work as an anti-mutagen. Anti-inflammatory substances can help prevent heart conditions associated with inflammation and also help relax the walls of veins and arteries. What an anti-mutagen does is prevent cells in the body from altering for any reason. Cancer and tumors are usually the result of mutated cells growing out of control so this is great news. While resveratrol isn’t touted as a miracle cancer cure, studies are showing a lot of promise with it and new articles are published in medical journals all the time.

Many people enjoy a glass of wine with dinner so simply by switching from white wine to red wine, you are doing your body a favor. If you don’t like wine, resveratrol can be found in grape juice and peanut butter though in smaller amounts. If you really want to get the most reseveratrol possible, many different manufacturers are distributing resveratrol in capsules. These capsules are offered at very reasonable prices and are great for people on the go and those who prefer their vitamins and antioxidants in pill form.

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