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Jack Sprat Could Eat No Fat

Jack Sprat Could Eat No FatHis wife could eat no lean and so between them both they licked the platter clean.

Did you think that Mrs Sprat would be revoltingly obese? Recent research showed that removing the fat from milk makes the milk fattening (much to the surprise and consternation of the researchers).But your best bargain would be to persuade some idiot to let you have all the bits of food removed during preparation. That is where the really good nutrition lies. You could let him have his white bread as long as you got the wheat germ and bran.

He could have the potatoes as long as you got the peelings. He could have the skim milk as long as you got the butterfat. He could have the grapes as long as you got the seeds and skins. He could have the orange juice as long as you got the pulp left over from the juicer.

You get the general idea.ApplesGive him the peeled and cored apple. Most of the vitamin C, Quercetin, Procyanidins, bioflavonols, proanthocyanidins, flavanoids and flavour are in the skin, so you won't miss the rest.BerriesPeel Kiwi fruit thickly and let him have the rest.

The skins rival bananas in potassium, pound for pound. And flavonoid antioxidants abound in the skin, which is edible but best if you rub the fuzzy stuff off first.GrapesIt's too much work to peel and seed the grapes for him, but you could give him grape juice and eat the pulp yourself. That contains resveratrol to fight cancer, ellagic acid, anthocyanin among other things.

LemonsMake lemonade for him with the juice and some sugar and water. At least the water is good for him even if the sugar does suppress his immune system.Meanwhile you'll be getting the powerful anti-cancer limonoids and the immune enhancing vitamin C from what is left.OrangesHe mightn't be stupid enough to accept orange juice sweetened and loaded with colouring and flavouring and preservatives.

After all half the fun of eating an orange is in the textures. But if you can get him to take only the juice, here is what he'll leave you.The white membrane under the skin of the orange contains more vitamin C than the flesh and a lot of the pectin fiber. Limonoids, phytochemicals including terpenoids all inhibit cancer growth.

Bioflavinoids are important to keep to yourself.PersimmonHe'll enjoy the lovely flavour of the pulp while you eat the peel which has four times more vitamin C than the pulp.PotatoesFatten him up on peeled potatoes which are just balls of starch while you eat the skins which have a high concentration of antioxidants and vitamins and soluble protein.TomatoesLet him slurp on his ketchup, that was boiled long enough to release the lycopene and destroy the vitamin C, and some carotenoids and phenolic acids and flavonoids.

You use the juicer to release the lycopene instead of heat, and make sure to include the skin so as to get all of these goodies.RicePolish off the brown outer coating (bran) for yourself and let him have the white rice remaining. It will fatten him up, being mostly starch.Your share of bran contains fibre, onsaponifiable oils, antioxidants, vitamin E, and gamma oryzanol, which has been shown to raise the levels of neurotransmitters such as norepinephrine, dopamine and serotonin.

WheatGive him the white bread, and add the wheat germ and bran that are left to your Wheat Berries.Wheat berries are whole kernels of wheat, including the outer bran coating and the wheat germ. They can be cooked for use in casseroles and soups or as a nutritious nutty-tasting side dish. They can also be sprouted for use in salads and breads.

WarningNon-organically grown apples and soft fruits are heavily sprayed. If organic alternatives are not available you are better off peeling them even though vital nutrients in the skin will be lost. If grapes are your preferred choice, search for a dedicated partner who is willing to peel them for you!The skin contains the real concentrate of flavor and essential oils so use every part of your orange. Because we use the zest regularly, we use only organic oranges that won't have the pesticides in the skin.

Apple cores concentrate agricultural poisons so don't use them if not organically (without agricultural chemicals) grown.If you can't buy organic produce you can buy special surfactants intended for washing your fruit and vegetables. Most of the chemicals don't wash off in plain hot water.About The Author:---Find out how to stop throwing out the best of your health food that you pay for, at this link.

vitheal.com/Find how to avoid healthfood scams at.vitheal.com/Saturated-Fat-Food-Lies.

htmlIan has worked as farmhand, dairyman, tractor driver, street photographer, brickie's mate, electronic designer, computer programmer, desktop publisher, but nothing is as much fun as getting paid to write.He is now trying to concentrate on barbershop singing, volunteer bus driving, organic gardening, typesetting two newsletters and three websites.
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